Nass River Steelhead – Pre- Trip Information Package:

This Document will provide you with all information relating to your Nass River Steelhead Fishing Package.

Nass River Steelhead Helicopter Access Fly Fishing:

The Nass River is one of the three sacred headwaters, situated in northern BC.  The fishing grounds sit roughly 220 km from the ocean.  The watershed is 380 Km long in length and flows into Portland Inlet in the North Pacific Ocean.  The river is only accessed via Helicopter.  There are no airstrips or roads in the vicinity.  The closest road is well over a 150 km away.  We fly you directly to our camp from Terrace BC.  The flight into the camp takes 1 hour and 16 minutes depending on weather of course.  The area is rich in first nation’s history and has a strong population of Moose and Wolves throughout the Valley.  The surrounding forests are first growth timber and have no signs of logging, civilization, or man for that matter.  This is a truly majestic place with mile upon mile of perfect fly water accessed with two 16' flat bottom jet sleds.

Our Camp is strategically place on the banks of the Upper Nass River with 5 very productive pools a stone’s throw from camp in any direction.  We cater to a maximum of four guests per week.  The guest to guide ratio is 2:1.  We have two guides and one chef on site.

The season runs from late August to late October each year.  The peak of the run is mid- Sept until late in October.  These fish have never seen a fly and are very aggressive.  Each guest can expect to catch 2-5 steelheads per day but it is not uncommon to have each guest reach double digits after their second day of fishing.  The average size is 12-16 pounds with fish over 20 pounds being caught each week.  Fish over 25 pounds are not uncommon and we see a number of those each season.


Camp Amenities- Accommodation- Meal Plan:

The camp on the upper nass consists of 16’ by 22’ Cookhouse with wood stove, hot shower, outhouse and three 12’ by 14’ wall tents with a four foot covered porch.  The tents sit on cedar wood decks and are equipped with wood burning stoves for added comfort.   All tents are double occupancy.  The bedding is comfy, large sleeping bags that are 6’4” in length and are rated to minus 30 Celsius.  The cedar wood beds are twin style with 8” pillow top mattress.  Each tent is equipped with two twin beds, shelving, wood stove and coat hangers to hang waders, jackets, etc.

The cookhouse also doubles as the lounge where guests can enjoy pre-dinner cocktails, swap stories from the days fishing and reflect on the possible catches in days to come.

All meals are served in the cookhouse.  Coffee is on at 06:30 and a hot breakfast is served by 07:30.  Depending on the day’s activities lunch is served in the cookhouse or taken on the river to be enjoyed in another location.  Lunch is served at guest’s request.

Dinner is served at 7:30 PM.  Guests can expect three courses for each dinner.

Guests are offered a shower each day prior to dinner.  The shower is powered by propane and 12 volt deep cycle battery.  Once guests have been shown how to use the shower they may enjoy it whenever they like. 

We have Starlink Internet to take care of all your internet needs

Food Allergies- Dietary Concerns:

At time of booking please inform us of any dietary concerns you may have.  We do a plated service for all meals so knowledge of food allergies is a must.



Travel Schedule- Itinerary:

The Package runs Friday to Friday with a half day travel included on Arrival and Departure day.  Guests are expected to be in Terrace, BC on the 10:00 am morning flight for arrival and asked to book departure flight past 2:00 pm.  This will take care of any weather woes that we may be confronted with.


  • Friday- Day 1: Arrive in Terrace, BC mid- morning.  Guests will be greeted at airport and shuttled around town to gather any forgotten items or alcohol they may want in camp. Guests will be taken to Heli- Port to have a safety briefing before departing to Nass River Camp.  Once arriving at camp you will be served lunch.  A guide will be assigned to your group of two and help with any rod setup, and fishing technique questions that arise.  You can expect to fish a short half day on arrival.

  • Saturday- Day 2:  First full day guided fishing begins. Two guests will go with each guide.

  • Sunday- Day 3: Rotate the groups fishing itinerary from the previous day.

  • Monday- Day 4: Rotate the groups fishing itinerary from previous day.

  • Tuesday- Day 5: Rotate the groups fishing itinerary from previous day.

  • Wednesday- Day 6: Rotate the groups fishing itinerary from previous day.

  • Thursday- Day 7: Last full day of guided fishing.  Rotate itinerary.

  • Friday- Day 8:  Guests will be split up on the home runs and get a few hours fishing in the morning after breakfast.  Mid- morning all guests will be asked to be back in camp to pack up their belongings and enjoy a light lunch.  Now you’re ready to depart to Terrace and then to Vancouver.  Guests will be shuttled back to airport for departure flights.




  • All Meals

  • 6 Full Days Guided Fly Fishing.

  • All Camp accommodation.

  • Use of single/ double handed rods.

  • All ground transportation to and from Terrace Airport.

  • All helicopter flights- unless extra time is requested which will be at guests expense.

  • Fishing flies, tippet, hooks.

Not Included:

  • International flights

  • Local flights Vancouver to Terrace and Return.

  • Vancouver Hotel Accommodation

  • Alcohol

  • 8 day fishing license and steelhead stamp- Roughly- $ 127 Cad funds.  This can be purchased online prior to arriving in Terrace, BC.

  • Staff Gratuity- $50- $100 Cad funds per staff/ per day.

  • Foul weather gear- Waders, Wading Boots, Gortex Wading Jacket.


Miscellaneous Comforts:

At time of booking please inform us of any misc. comforts you’d like on hand.  Things like soft drinks, certain snack foods, specialty tea’s etc.  These all have to be planned in advance and can be brought in before you arrive.  Anything is possible, just ask.

Daily Fishing Schedule:

After Breakfast, your fishing day begins.  The group will be split in half.  Two guests will fish around the camp water and the other two guests will fish the lower beats . Guests are rotated each day to fish with both guides evenly. The home water beats are a mixture of long glides, sprawling tail outs and picture perfect heads.  We typically use sink tip style lines in a variety of lengths and sink rates.  The most common being type 3 and type 6 lines 12 feet in length attached to a Skagit style line for ease of casting.  A variety of Steelhead type Spey rods are used in lengths from 12’6” to 14’ and rated #7- #8 line.  Anything bigger is overkill and not necessary.  The fish lay somewhat close to shore.  A confident caster reaching 45- 65 feet in length will have great success on the Nass River.

 Bears are not a common sight but they are around.  We have lots of Bear Spray in camp for guest use.  The guides carry both Bear Spray and Bear Bangers.  Generally at the time of year we are fishing Steelhead the Bears are far up the tributaries of the Nass feeding on spawning Chinook, Sockeye and Coho Salmon.

The topography is relatively flat with very little grade.  The wading on the Upper Nass for the most part is quite comfortable, with only a few pools, being technical wades.

There’s also the option of using the Helicopter to access other areas of the main stem Nass and tributaries of the Upper Skeena watersheds.

 We fish from roughly 08:00 until last light each day roughly 6:00- 6:30 Pm





Payment- Booking Policies:

Booking- Reservation:

A 50% Deposit is required to hold your preferred fishing week.  This initial payment is due on a 30 day term from the date on your reservation confirmation invoice.  The balance of the total package price is due 90 days prior to your trip start date. 

Cancellation Policy:

All reservation deposits are non-refundable.  Final payments are also non-refundable.  We will allow you to transfer to a future year if an emergency has hindered you from attending your chosen week in a particular season.  We expect at least 90 days notification for a cancellation.

Forms of Payment:

We accept wire transfers and cheques.  The wire transfer document will be sent to you via email at time of reservation.  Mailing address is found on invoice.





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